Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Iced Tea Infuser by Muspi - 1.5 Liter (48 Oz) Large Brewing Glass Carafe with Removable Stainless Steel Filter - Superior Alternative to an Cold Drip Coffee Brewer

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Large cold brew iced coffee maker glass

Cold coffee brewing has a long history and has experienced its ups and downs in popularity over the ages, but over time, more people have become cold coffee lovers because of its qualities and advantages compared to the hot brewing method.

Cold brew coffee's advantages over hot coffee are clear: low acidity, long storage time, rich taste, and a multitude of choice in adding creative ingredients. On top of this, thanks to the multi-purpose nature of our cold brew glass carafe, it can be used to make all kinds of teas and various fruit infusions, as well as hot drinks.

All of this makes our coffee maker an excellent candidate for enabling you to prepare and enjoy your favorite drinks. Also our coffee maker, and in fact all of its components from the glass to the mesh filter system, are composed of materials that do not react to the coffee, which allows for a pure taste and aroma.

The classic design fits any decor, modern or retro, rustic or elegant. The 1.5 liter (1500ml) size of our large tea infuser pitcher is perfect for easy storage in any refrigerator. We have worked hard to create the best cold brew coffee maker and are proud of it - we believe that you too will feel positively about it.

Brewing cold coffee is a creative process. Despite the ease of preparation, this method has a lot of peculiarities and nuances. The first time you make cold brew coffee, take the coffee grinds and infuse the coffee with water as shown on the instructions. After a while, we recommend that you try your own ideas, experimenting with how roasted the coffee beans are, brewing time of the coffee, etc. Create all sorts of mixes and drinks based on iced coffee. Airtight

Product Features

FLAVOURFUL COLD BREW COFFEES - Muspi Cold Brew Coffee Maker offers a hassle-free way to brew your own cold brew coffee that's rich in flavours & tastes way better than a cup at the café! Hacks like making a hot-brew and then refrigerating it or pouring hot coffee over ice cubes result either in loss of flavours, extraction of more bitterness or a diluted coffee, thus unable to satisfy your taste buds - we, therefore, present to you this superior alternative to an iced coffee maker! PREMIUM QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL FILTER - The premium quality filter is made up of food-safe high quality stainless steel that doesn't interact with your coffee in any way and thus doesn't alter the taste or aroma of your coffee. The ultra-fine mesh ensures that your coffee grind doesn't get mixed up with water and thus helps you prepare a professional-quality cold brew coffee by yourself. The immersive filter design results in better brew than a Cold Drip Coffee Maker. ELEGANT GLASS PITCHER - The see-through glass decanter and steel filter combination looks beautiful together and therefore can be used not only for brewing coffee in closed room but also for serving the coffee. Unlike the smaller carafes, jars or decanters which can't brew enough cold coffee even for 2 people, our 48 Oz decanter allows you to brew huge amount of cold coffee which can be served to a number of people or can be stored for later use too. EASY TO USE DESIGN - This incredible cold brew coffee maker comes with an easy to use design and includes a steel filter (BPA-free) that fits perfectly within the decanter. It also comes with a lid that allows you to cover the decanter and to let the coffee sit for few hours to get a perfect brew. The lid and filter both have a holder to help you easily handle these components. More importantly, the reusable coffee filter could be used over and again without requiring you to spend another penny. 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We also offer you a 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that you will be super-impressed with the ease with which you can brew professional-quality cold coffees at home, the flexibility offered by long filter to let you prepare either a mild or a strong brew, the ease with which the filter can be cleaned and the premium design of the coffee maker.

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